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Creating your wedding registry can be very exciting, but it is also a  little bit overwhelming. Ultimately, you can register for whatever you desire, whether that be fine china or an XBox 360.  However, there are a few things you should know before starting to compile your registry.

1. Am I supposed to register for fine, casual or both sets of china? Formal china will be a bit pricier then casual china because it is usually made from porcelain and bone china. It generally comes in a set of 5 pieces per place setting: a dinner plate, salad plate, bread plate, cup and saucer. Casual china will consist of 4 pieces per place setting: a dinner plate, salad plate, soup/cereal bowl and a mug. Many people think you should register for both types, but it is really up to your personal style. If you know your never going to use fine china then don’t waste registry space on it!

2. I want to register for crystal, but I don’t know the differences in styles? Like china, registering for crystal is simply a mtter of preference. However, knowing a few key terms will aid in your decision. First, the quality of the crystal is pretty easy to determine. The clearer the crystal, the better quality it is; if you can see bubbles and swirls inside the crystal, the lower the quality it is. Second is the style of crystal: plain, cut and rimmed.

Plain crystal is as it sounds, no decoration or cut, just smooth crystal. Cut crystal features a pattern that can range from relatively simple to extravagantly ornate, yet again depending upon your style.

Rimmed Crystal is the last style. This features a gold/platinum rim on the top of each glasswear. This is also a style of fine china so you can coordinate the two if your registering for both.

3. Am I allowed to register for something that is expensive? Absolutely, but make sure that you register at every price point. Your guests want to share in your special day and help you start your future together, but if everything is $100+ on your registry they may not be able to afford something. Make sure there are items that are $50 and under, $75 and under, $100 and under and so on. This will allow everyone to purchase you a gift and not feel overwhelmed by the price point.

4. Am I only supposed to register for kitchen/ dining items? No, generally most of your items on your registry will be for your kitchen or dining room. However, this does not mean this is only what you should put on your list. Many couples will register for bed linens, towels, bath accessories, art work, picture frames, storage organization, outdoor furniture, electronics, etc. There are a few items you should stay away from: lingerie (leave that to the bridal shower!), toiletries and stuff for your pet….other then that you have pretty free range!

5. How am I supposed to keep track of everything I have registered for/ what has been purchased? To help start your registry use a checklist like this one from theknot: http://wedding.theknot.com/online-wedding-registry/wedding-registry-checklist.aspx This will help you decide what you want and how many of each item.  Ususally you will register at 2-3 places, which almost all will have an online option. As the registrent, you are able to see what has already been purchased, how many of each item have been purchased and what still needs to be bought.

Hopefully these tips have given you some insight into wedding registries and will assist during this exciting time in your life!


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